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- wow hardly any smack/trolling in this thread and my question was answered on the first page, im impr ...2008.06.11 11:31:00
- Tercios alliance? AAA pets, BoB pets or are IAC just giving their space away? ...2008.06.09 19:13:00
- Edited by: posteroid on 23/05/2008 10:03:30Concord does not provide total safety it provides consequ ...2008.05.23 10:03:00
- Hot drops can also be a opportunity if you are prepared so removing them monly helps the inept tbh. ...2008.05.20 15:47:00
- Cool not many reads but no negative responses so far it must be a neutral issue for all races and pl ...2008.05.20 14:15:00
- Can it be used by a FC to align an entire fleet or it it just per individual pilot?. ...2008.05.20 14:11:00
- Most gallente ships have crappy range compared to dps now including the BS and tbh the range on the ...2008.05.19 22:51:00
- Great idea as it will give me a chance to kill one. ...2008.05.19 20:29:00
- Good idea or bad???. ...2008.05.19 16:05:00
- So if you want nanos to be nerfed by your rep vote gourmindong and if you do not vote Sariyah.But i ...2008.05.19 11:49:00
- Edited by: posteroid on 18/05/2008 21:49:04I am not asking for ships to be able to do everything you ...2008.05.18 21:34:00
- My main who is banned from posting atm.155 skills and 53,945,805 skill points. Virtually all in gall ...2008.05.18 21:29:00

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