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- This tbhAnd this is EXACTLY what makes Eve Eve. It's a complex game where you can do lots of thin ...2010.12.30 21:30:00
- In real life pvp is like blah blah blah. How often do people pvp in real life? LOL. Its agame. The p ...2010.12.30 21:28:00
- / Signed Ė great idea.OP and others that support this idea keep this thread alive. Also, is it possi ...2010.12.24 22:50:00
- Played Darkfall. Noob with basic skill cannot take on a DF vet. Low skill noob in EVE can kill and ...2010.11.07 06:13:00
- Intrested. ...2010.10.23 05:06:00
- Hello,I joined a fleet but could not find the broadcast window. I had it opened just the other day. ...2010.10.12 14:33:00
- Great video ...2010.09.04 00:29:00
- Been using T1 ships fitted with T2 gear. But can fly recons, hacs plus others. Donít think will go t ...2010.03.01 22:23:00
- Thanks for the replies any recommended ship types? (not looking for fits) ...2010.03.01 01:45:00
- heyis it worth while to explore and roam WH? Looking for solo pvp? ...2010.03.01 01:16:00
- Client run > player runHaving to depend on players to (a) run a tournament and (b) implement detract ...2010.01.04 23:30:00
- Gain and LossWith all things EVE there should be a gain and a loss. Gain:Winning a fight by destroyi ...2010.01.04 22:23:00
- Edited by: Shin Dahn on 04/01/2010 22:54:00 Overall PremiseAllow a system for players to consensual ...2010.01.04 22:20:00
- I am seeking solo pvp engagements in black rise and other FW low-sec space. What is the best way to ...2010.01.04 19:54:00
- Hello Cannot find the location of the manual patch. I cannot get the auto patch to work. Looking for ...2009.12.01 19:34:00

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