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- HAHAHAHAman, he's an idiot ...2010.09.09 20:40:00
- Edited by: Hilly22222 on 05/09/2010 11:21:07 lawl, what an assinternet spaceships - srs bsns ...2010.09.05 11:21:00
- well ui always knew HELM were terrible ever since we face****d a fleet of theirs with no losses whil ...2010.08.22 00:08:00
- HELM suffer more embarrassing losses, more at 10 ...2010.08.21 16:27:00
- It's so funny how mad Enn Deekay gets. Every time he gets on he talks about Karl Zahn and Hirogen Ra ...2010.08.19 22:00:00
- PVP GODi don't even know where to start =/Focus on what he did right and go from there. It makes a m ...2010.08.19 17:38:00
- So can someone TL;DR the first post? Clearly I haven't read it yet.. Is he asking for someone to fix ...2010.08.17 18:34:00
- lettuce be honest, HELM is frightened. Why else would they hide in Eldulf, too afraid to go back to ...2010.08.15 12:00:00
- all we can say with any certainty is LOLHELMthank you and good night sweet prince ...2010.08.15 01:37:00
- terrible idea ...2010.03.27 16:40:00
- Enn has now temporarily left HELM to go and learn to pvp (in the corp black fury that are in dead te ...2010.03.27 11:13:00
- Today Helm Alliance met with the terms of their surrender and as a result Naughty 40 has retracted t ...2010.03.10 18:24:00
- Enn's just being modest, he very nearly beat naughty 40 by himself, but they just got him, he is a g ...2010.03.10 16:22:00
- Edited by: Hilly22222 on 09/03/2010 23:02:47 Naughty 40 wardecced HELM alliance and have spent seve ...2010.03.09 23:01:00
- When i can have DS9 style minefield that is sickly overpowered and amazing i'll back your ideaNOT U ...2010.03.06 11:21:00

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