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- Edited by: Widemouth Deepthroat on 29/07/2010 14:49:53 I own a X-L shield booster and photon scatte ...2010.07.29 15:44:00
- Edited by: Vasundhara on 23/07/2010 19:29:38 Insurance Change. BS's aren't bein' 'self'-ploded and ...2010.07.23 19:29:00
- And unless something has changed, you do NOT get credit for the standings bonus applied by any of th ...2010.07.23 18:04:00
- From a user interface perspective I agree 100% and I don't suspect that you will find much argument ...2010.07.20 18:48:00
- I think you are just stuck searching for it as I ended up in the same situation and even forgot I ha ...2010.07.13 14:12:00
- Since you're not very familiar with game design allow me to introduce you to this article:http://en. ...2010.07.09 22:48:00
- The compeditive element is pretty minimal for the time being. Even stacking your own extractors rig ...2010.07.09 16:49:00
- No, there's no way (at the moment, anyway) to group extractors together to save on all the clicking, ...2010.07.09 14:40:00
- I'm still interested in PI at the moment but to be honest, the whole feature seems a little tacked o ...2010.07.06 15:15:00
- This is easily avoided. Just set auto-reject on. Let's see them get you banned for macroing, or igno ...2010.07.01 20:58:00
- So, if I am looking to fit a faction/deadspace/officer mod onto my Hulk - what would be the best? I ...2010.07.01 20:14:00
- 25. CCP reserves the right to close, temporarily or permanently, any userís account without advance ...2010.07.01 16:07:00
- Wow, that's actually pretty generous of CCP. Tell ya what, this grinch's heart may not have grown a ...2010.07.01 05:53:00
- you all sound like the fisherman's wifeI suppose, but you need to tweak the story to make it fit. S ...2010.06.30 22:06:00
- Admittedly I don't know, but I'm interested in this. I suspect this will depend a lot on which cycl ...2010.06.30 17:01:00

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