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- Someone owes me 50mil for an onion ring. ...2011.02.19 18:18:00
- Guess I didn't cancel after all! There's a bit of snow falling here and there (I'm coming from Leeds ...2011.02.19 10:01:00
- Insane. Right my sub expires in about an hour and I won't be able to renew it till anything up to a ...2011.02.17 13:05:00
- Just tried this. Confirming that it's actually epic. ...2011.02.11 23:36:00
- I'll give you 2m mate ;) I'll bring a camera as well ...2011.02.05 11:09:00
- Don't forget guys we've got a meet in Manchester organised for the 19th Feb! ...2011.01.23 17:49:00
- I'd be a fool not to go considering how close I live.Put me down as a maybe Did we meet up in Leeds ...2011.01.23 17:43:00
- I'll give it a go. No promises.I go in The Moon Under Water most times or, if not, the Wellington ne ...2011.01.22 22:49:00
- I've got dual monitors and I've fixed the problem by disabling then reenabling the affected monitor. ...2011.01.20 20:54:00
- Oh hai ...2011.01.20 19:44:00
- Edited by: Raul Rincon on 20/01/2011 19:35:00 I shall provide some ;)Edit: Oh and it's a Saturday, ...2011.01.20 19:33:00
- Did anyone notice the voice fonts added to the settings window for EVE voice? Some of them are prett ...2011.01.19 23:07:00
- ...2011.01.19 22:56:00
- ...2011.01.18 20:38:00
- <== John Shepherd of Stargate Atlantis? Can be a coincidence that I was watching that all day yester ...2011.01.18 17:50:00

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