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- New facilities are as follows:DNA Therapy Gambling Interbus Paintshop Stock Exchange SurgeryI'm ...2010.12.08 06:28:00
- Edited by: Khan Dhu on 08/12/2010 06:20:58 Just one "fully stocked" example: New Station Services?D ...2010.12.08 06:18:00
- Edited by: Khan Dhu on 07/12/2010 23:19:56 Come back when you decided to grow up and get your ass o ...2010.12.07 23:19:00
- Bump.Also, the "1000dps" here is the TANK, not the damage output. That struck me as being potential ...2009.07.14 19:16:00
- Edited by: Khan Dhu on 15/07/2009 23:37:29 Edited by: Khan Dhu on 14/07/2009 00:39:08 Image of fit ...2009.07.14 00:37:00
- Fountain, like Syndicate, is where alliances go to die. The only difference is unlike Syndicate, Fo ...2009.05.05 00:03:00
- Edited by: Khan Dhu on 11/03/2009 05:51:53 Achura do get a better spread on the "good" stats. ...2009.03.11 05:32:00
- What good is the Itty V going to do you if you can't move anything but charges, crystals, or ammo in ...2009.01.06 04:57:00
- Since new low-grade implant sets seem to be popular, what about a set of low-grade implants that uti ...2009.01.05 20:30:00
- So does Oursulaert, but good luck getting that one. ...2007.12.31 22:46:00
- Edited by: Khan Dhu on 20/12/2007 01:07:36 I want an 8GB Black model simply to give XP more breathi ...2007.12.20 01:07:00
- Unless they've been changed since the 15th, this is what I saw:ORE Strip Miner - 45k LP, 30m, 1x Str ...2007.11.21 18:34:00
- Edited by: Khan Dhu on 21/11/2007 18:29:45 ...or are there a few left to be put in?I only ask becau ...2007.11.21 18:29:00
- Intra-alliance jumps work, but if you're in another corporation than the one who holds the tower you ...2007.11.20 17:06:00
- A shuttle is the best for the second mission of the L4 version of this now. The "mission completed" ...2007.11.12 05:24:00

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