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- If you are going to autopilot your missions, the longest part will be those 15km between warp in poi ...2011.06.18 19:43:00
- So.... caught a Abaddon in low-sec with my trusty Hurricane. Took him down to very low armor and the ...2011.06.16 18:22:00
- Depends.If you d AFK missioning, aggroing everything, launching your drones and then going to have d ...2011.06.16 15:42:00
- Armageddon with 1400mms is probably the cheapest one.For ganking T3s, you should probably use Canes. ...2011.06.10 20:37:00
- I would drop the afterburner and the tracking PC and fit 1400mms for most missions.For angels you ca ...2011.06.06 22:10:00
- I would consider adding Nosses to the highs. Might be enough for you to drop the cap-charges, or at ...2011.05.23 20:32:00
- They are just the easiest to get into and require less SP to be effective.I may be completely wrong ...2011.05.23 16:40:00
- You should take a look at stealth bombers too... ...2011.05.23 16:23:00
- 4 Mega Pulse lasers IIs 3 NOS2 Fed. Navy Webbers 3 Inv. Fields3 Heatsinks IIs 3 Trackings PCs 1 ...2011.05.20 19:29:00
- With level 5 cloaking, 'sensor recalibration time' is 5 seconds with a standard cov-ops cloak, the s ...2011.05.20 19:27:00
- Depends a lot on what you want.Guns have the highest DPS. They also require you to manage your range ...2011.05.20 19:16:00
- Edited by: Fulmar Muse on 20/05/2011 07:02:48Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer Republic Fleet Gyrostabi ...2011.05.20 13:12:00
- Both the Bhaalgorn and the Harbinger can do pretty mean Shield Tanks (!!!) for vanguards.If you are ...2011.05.20 13:08:00
- Thanks, Found that one on BC to i think.But I suppose there always need to be 2 shield logi's?2 Lo ...2011.05.18 18:35:00
- What happens if the rorqual is blown up? Clones go bye bye? ...2011.05.17 20:11:00

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