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- The former sov mechanic was a point, that made eve online to the game we all loved. Not static and ...2010.06.18 09:45:00
- There's a difference between raging at the forums and going to iceland and doing it constructively i ...2010.06.18 09:33:00
- anyway i hope you enjoyed your less then 24 hours of joy the biggest joy was the lack of NC alts l ...2010.06.18 09:28:00
- Most of the denizens of Eve didn't realise that CCP where also part of BFF... Sad day for the game i ...2010.06.18 09:09:00
- Now come on guys. Nothing a few weeks of carebearing can't fix :DThanks to ccp we don't even have to ...2010.06.18 08:08:00
- So you've dec'd 4 southern alliances and 1 northern pet?? The logic is strong in this one ...2010.06.11 08:59:00
- INIT seems kinda pro nowadaysWe lost the war and our invasion failed, but atleast or K/D ratio is ni ...2010.06.11 07:58:00
- To clarify this nub stole a few bil from hapless dumb pilots, NOT from WIDOT allianceIsn't that like ...2010.06.10 22:09:00
- <3 INIT. Look forward to future stuff with you guys again.Wutt?? They hold bbq's aswell?? Ok i'm c ...2010.06.10 18:05:00
- Was a pleasure flying with you guys, you did a pretty awesome job :)If only the same could be said a ...2010.06.10 15:02:00
- Edited by: Julia Ginzinger on 10/06/2010 14:55:31 Edited by: Julia Ginzinger on 10/06/2010 14:16:18 ...2010.06.10 14:55:00
- Edited by: Julia Ginzinger on 10/06/2010 14:16:18 Edited by: TazDev on 10/06/2010 14:02:22 No, it´ ...2010.06.10 14:16:00
- Posting in an init circle jerk thread! ...2010.06.10 13:57:00
- Them crooked vultures is calling, they want their guitarist back! ...2010.06.09 20:08:00
- you mad bro?It's u mad, if you want to be part of the cool team, at least learn to speak the lingo f ...2010.06.09 12:14:00

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