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- yeah me too. pain in the ass. So that is were the server went ...2004.10.14 13:32:00
- test ...2004.10.12 13:33:00
- You have to be as handsome as me ...2004.10.11 13:44:00
- When you get one Ryctor I recommend that you do not use it since pre-patch fitted ships are now cons ...2004.10.08 10:13:00
- Edited by: GM White on 12/07/2004 17:57:43 What do you mean, quit EVE, that is not possible We ke ...2004.07.12 17:54:00
- I will show up if somebody is willing to pay for my flight and hotel :) ...2004.03.16 02:02:00
- What do you mean, is there something else in the sky but clouds? ...2004.03.09 15:54:00

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