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- This channel sucks, ponies are banned Just kidding spank! But really, ponies are banned. ...2011.08.10 07:26:00
- I submit to your first data set! I rate the OP a 9/10. ...2011.07.19 04:20:00
- Well I think CCP did that "size increase" to get more guys on EVEAnother Marketing Ploy As preposter ...2011.07.17 08:28:00
- Is this ever gonna get fixed? Seems to only happen on existing cha ...2011.07.17 07:58:00
- Drop the no-drones prerequisite and just go with a rattlesnake.Actually, there are a lot of missions ...2011.07.16 02:13:00
- Treia Laguna, bringing good posting back!Seriously, this is the best post I've read in a long time. ...2011.07.16 01:30:00
- yeah, this is actually illegal. Accessing any protected computer system without authorization is a ...2011.07.12 23:10:00
- Use your POS guns. ...2011.07.10 21:16:00
- Be well, and hopefully STO doesn't drive you too insane to return to EVE if they turn around. ...2011.07.09 04:50:00
- The funniest thing I can say? Hmm...You will be missed! ...2011.07.09 04:27:00
- Well obviously it's a survey about how well their partnership with NVidia this spring went. ...2011.07.09 04:13:00
- Yes! OMFG yes! Please, CCP, do this if you have any sanity left at all. My corp was just talking abo ...2011.07.09 04:09:00
- It's worse enough that you have to deal with the rats in a asteroid belt, but also you worry about y ...2011.06.29 18:30:00
- Consider that EVE is splashed all over the web. A lot of people that wouldn't even have heard abo ...2011.06.29 17:57:00
- Sisi launcher worked. Just waiting on account reactivation now. ...2011.06.27 20:22:00

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