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- I actually do have something pretty cool to post, but I can't see how to post text.Maybe I'm a colos ...2011.07.23 11:40:00
- Honestly, you idiots ought not to be so insulting to some poor woman when most of you would hit part ...2011.06.19 07:58:00
- kil2 is amazing, STFU! ...2011.06.18 20:34:00
- has commentated on 4/5 of our matches and i ...2011.06.18 17:39:00
- lawl: ...2011.06.13 06:54:00
- To any ICs reading this: In your match report, please change the name of the top Perihelion Stilett ...2011.06.12 07:23:00
- Strangely, it works on one of my computers, but not the other. I'm running Firefox 4.0.1 on both. ...2011.06.11 10:59:00
- Perihelion Alliance v Rote KapelleReport: We assembled three T3 ships and a salvaging cormorant to ...2011.06.06 11:08:00
- I will be press-ganging as many of the Perihelion tourney team as I can. Hopefully, we'll bring: Ic ...2011.06.06 10:55:00
- Wow I think this may be the first time a team advances without killing a single ship. So far this t ...2011.06.06 07:18:00
- OK, cool. One more thing, though - could you explain the difference between "its" and "it's" to Hako ...2011.06.05 19:56:00
- Why don't ISD doing rankings and points properly? The reserve teams should have been eliminated at t ...2011.06.05 18:33:00
- Hahahahaha- IceGuerilla, Perihelion Alliance Captain ...2011.06.05 16:52:00
- RvB Red Federation vs Perihelion Alliance ...2011.05.30 19:21:00
- It seems our internal records missed the kill of the Typhoon. I will add this kill and update your r ...2011.05.30 12:23:00

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