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- So that means in the future cloaked afk alts will be able to stay in a system indefinitely? wow ...2010.10.29 17:29:00
- Where's the i40 EVE Meet again? I know it's today @ 1600, but where? ...2010.08.29 14:05:00
- I like having access to my evemails and calendar without having to log in. ...2010.06.08 16:39:00
- Edited by: Edgars Sults on 10/07/2009 16:02:14Just noticed a nice deal again HERE.It's not as cheap ...2009.07.10 16:00:00
- PC World say they have it back in stock again. ...2009.05.24 23:49:00
- None available any place in the 12 cities I checked, none available for home delivery so I guess the ...2009.05.20 18:37:00
- PC World are selling EVE for 14.99 as well. Bought one copy myself. ...2009.05.20 17:20:00
- I looked at mine for all of 5 seconds before turning them off because they're cheap as all hell -_- ...2008.11.13 13:29:00
- If you own a Dell XPS M1710 or M1730 laptop, you might be interested in this little app I made for m ...2008.11.13 12:34:00
- I was watching an enemy fleet while cloaked not long after the patch. Unlike before, I can now see t ...2008.11.12 01:22:00
- Edited by: Edgars Sults on 28/03/2008 20:11:54And then CCP deletes all your overview settings in the ...2008.03.28 20:12:00
- Why would someone want useless cans floating around in space? It's not like they serve a useful purp ...2008.03.28 10:34:00
- I hate space junk. Never read the stupid messages. It's mostly just recruiting anyway. I can't belie ...2008.03.28 10:29:00
- You probably wouldn't be able to register an account. I don't think our accounts would work on Seren ...2008.03.28 10:27:00
- I believe that the brackets should have been implemented differently. It's just too hard to set up a ...2008.03.28 10:25:00

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