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- this is like making 2 guys fight, one has a bat, the other has an m16. So you think, oh lets even th ...2008.02.01 15:12:00
- Edited by: Jai Gar on 06/12/2007 12:56:39 I noticed this too. It seems that if you begin firing out ...2007.12.06 12:53:00
- This has been around since before Vista, but...Right click on the setup, choose Properties, then cli ...2007.10.28 05:19:00
- Try closing up your overview before going in... See if the lockup goes away... I've heard/read about ...2007.10.19 03:27:00
- I honestly doubt EVE is directly changing the behavior of your wireless hardware. Instead it may sim ...2007.09.28 11:59:00
- In a way, I agree with the OP. Mission wrecks are part of the payout I expect when spending the tim ...2007.09.18 12:28:00
- A question to the folk who have been here longer. I being a 'newbee' (along with many others I suspe ...2007.09.11 22:27:00
- Have seen this several times, after the game is disconnected due to donwtime and the client is sitti ...2007.08.31 11:58:00
- All right, let me first say that I reacted to the client warning issue by Not doing the correct thin ...2007.08.31 11:52:00
- Um... a DirectX 10 Engine next year? Will this be optional, for those of us who do not wish to touc ...2007.08.30 11:54:00
- wow... sure doesn't take long to get to page two... I think a lot of people would like some new feat ...2007.08.11 00:13:00
- random reboots are likely heat related...When was the last time you cleaned the dust from your compu ...2007.08.11 00:08:00
- I've been in this game for a while now and, like many of you, have put together a nice core set of s ...2007.08.10 12:21:00
- Return to orbit works too. Makes them orbit you until you give them another command. No need to scoo ...2007.07.10 01:48:00
- Am I the only one having this problem?I've submitted a bug report and had it rejected because it did ...2007.06.07 12:17:00

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