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- sounds like teh usual management bull**** to me, sure sign of a failing company, i give ccp 6 months ...2010.07.29 17:01:00
- think ccp needs one of these ...2010.07.29 16:37:00
- I should add that I think CCP needs to come up with a system where developers are able to play in ...2010.07.07 22:42:00
- Ive just tried 5 probes, hmm doesn't work very well IMHO, I'll stick with the way i was doing it bef ...2009.12.21 23:06:00
- Interesting... Fail but interesting ...2009.11.08 17:59:00
- Krautbreak & FinFleet take massive losses in Uemon.More details to comeNice to see someone man up fo ...2009.09.02 20:18:00
- Your not trying to expand your player base you are increasing the money that your existing playerbas ...2009.08.20 23:06:00
- Heya, just wanted to clear the air here: EVE Online's expansions will continue to be free. DUST is n ...2009.08.20 22:42:00
- The idea itself of somehow repairing drones onboard sounds good. It is just the details really, the ...2009.08.11 23:42:00
- So if you tank yourself or someone with rep drones, and in order to break your tank the aggressor is ...2009.08.11 23:37:00
- Edited by: Odinegras on 11/08/2009 23:24:13 Strange idea this maybe but feel free to comment.So wha ...2009.08.11 23:21:00
- Hyperion should have been an ewar boat... but oh well, gallente have 2 blaster boats :S ...2009.08.11 23:02:00
- 1. Ewar - Falcon - Can prevent 4-6 ships from having locks, Arazu struggles to stop 1 target from ha ...2009.07.04 08:16:00
- Heya all,I'd like to take the time to address the concerns you have regarding our forums. We are acu ...2009.06.30 20:12:00
- So when are we getting walking in stations? ...2009.06.30 20:00:00

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