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- Edited by: 0raven0 on 02/06/2009 02:17:53Are people really inventing these at a loss?some people wit ...2009.06.02 02:17:00
- At least with arkonor you only really have to get it to the first station that has an acceptable ref ...2009.06.02 00:35:00
- I keep hearing people say "gas sucks to mine, its so hard to move, too much m3" ect.. I am looking ...2009.06.01 23:17:00
- also as soon as it becomes known a group of pirates would camp the entrance/exists in the wormhole s ...2009.06.01 23:07:00
- A better option is to sneak a rorqual into the system via a lowsec connection at some point and pa ...2009.06.01 21:33:00
- I run POS in wormhole space and we started out trying to haul the ore out to refine, but it was a pa ...2009.06.01 21:32:00
- I sure hope this is true, its stupid to have access to class 3s from highsec. ...2009.05.26 20:21:00
- They said they would be bringing them out but that was like 2 years ago they said that. ...2009.05.26 02:01:00
- Before I post anything else, I just want to know why you want to choose a t3 cruiser over a better s ...2009.05.26 01:58:00
- Definitely put tachyons rather then pulse. You will do much more damage. Tachyons and pulse already ...2009.05.19 19:47:00
- Doomsday stuff.QFT ...2009.05.02 03:24:00
- Yeah, there are more people joining eve every year but the size of high/low sec stays about the same ...2009.04.27 00:58:00
- Actually three characters. Main 41m+ SP, and two alts(17m sp and 5m sp) that can fly hulks as well a ...2009.03.28 03:11:00
- LOL I love how everyone is taking him seriously ^^ ...2009.03.15 17:27:00
- So basically you guys are saying it may be a bit easier to make money now, but mainly GTCs have just ...2009.03.11 03:14:00

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