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- I asked around but this seems some well kept secret.How do faction standings gains *exactly* work? ...2009.08.18 13:46:00
- Ruined somebody's newly acquired pride and his faith in humanity while losing two ships in the pro ...2009.08.10 11:40:00
- posting in the Ender2006 is a scammer thread Late for work though so will type more later. This l ...2009.07.21 12:05:00
- OP has to be a T2 BPO owner, killing invention makers would suit this thread well. Otherwise, this i ...2009.07.19 13:42:00
- You don't enjoy mining, and you can make more money doing other things. Why do you do it ? I enjo ...2009.07.08 09:44:00
- Since it'd be unfair for the game to rise high sec mining income 5 fold (there's already L4 missioni ...2009.07.08 09:42:00
- Who cares how purchasers failfit their failships! Faction gear does not require T2 skills, and doe ...2009.07.08 09:41:00
- Either you are part afk and or you aren't gaining full benefit from your extra yield skills or you ...2009.07.07 10:09:00
- We've been around this before. The relative difference between me fitted for max yield and me fitt ...2009.07.07 10:06:00
- You and I both know its still more than possible to gank a freighter in a 0.5 Sure, but it's not ...2009.07.07 10:03:00
- Edited by: Zuhlaetah on 06/07/2009 08:34:35because killboards really MATTERgod forbid you lose a 1v3 ...2009.07.06 08:02:00
- I think most of the pirate motivation comes from the utter fail of most hulk pilots, and if they w ...2009.07.06 07:59:00
- Edited by: Zuhlaetah on 06/07/2009 07:56:07 Edited by: Zuhlaetah on 06/07/2009 07:55:35The previous ...2009.07.06 07:54:00
- Edited by: Zuhlaetah on 05/07/2009 21:43:54Freighters can't be fit. hint hint. Freigthers come with ...2009.07.05 21:20:00
- Wanting to avoid PVP is anti-Eve. I PvP a lot on my PvP character who is in a PvP corp. How much ...2009.07.04 04:26:00

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