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- It is allowed. They can take your mission critical loot and there is nothing you can do about it. If ...2008.03.17 18:47:00
- At this time we are not accepting new orders. Real life is an unfortunate thing, and I don't want to ...2008.03.10 01:37:00
- can't quote GMs ...2008.03.05 22:02:00
- A few questions: 1) A regular raven can tank any mission solo, with half-decent skills, why spend ...2008.03.05 20:17:00
- Ehh, the problem is probably more that it's1) Regular Raven so short a missile slot 2) Arbies inste ...2008.03.05 16:43:00
- Edited by: Jessamine on 04/03/2008 18:43:05 The gain is percentage. If you doubleclick a faction in ...2008.03.04 18:43:00
- I concur with Jessamine except as to level of storyline agents as I had a lvl 3 storyline agent for ...2008.03.01 10:14:00
- I've gotten Janitors, Exotic Dancers, Marines, Tourists... -checks his Assets tab- Yup. Got all of ...2008.02.28 21:07:00
- Suddenly my troll got serious.It's a really slow day at work... ...2008.02.28 18:43:00
- 1. It's a FOUR hour window after a decline where you can't decline again.2. If you don't accept a mi ...2008.02.28 16:47:00
- Edited by: Ghengis Tia on 28/02/2008 16:24:44 Janitors, Exotic Dancers, Slaves, Freed Slaves, Minma ...2008.02.28 16:41:00
- Couriers will get you less LP, time-wise, no doubt about it. However, if you just want to not focus ...2008.02.27 17:25:00
- I've played and followed this game for 2 years now and have not seen a single new faction ship com ...2008.02.27 17:21:00
- WhinePost with your main ...2008.02.26 17:59:00
- Edited by: Jessamine on 26/02/2008 17:52:09 You will NOT receive a factional standing loss for lett ...2008.02.26 17:51:00

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