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- I love that this is getting more attention again :) *hugs CCP*The only thing I think you missed: Co ...2011.08.04 17:42:00
- You got all the big ones I like, but I've got some customs too.Bug Out - Warp off, don't care whereR ...2011.07.27 21:44:00
- I also immediately ran across the "pre-calculated warp speed" optimization. I'm an amateur coder and ...2011.07.27 16:29:00
- I've been playing for 5 years now, I can fly just about everything under the sun, including capitals ...2011.07.08 21:28:00
- Last 5 things from newest to oldest. 1. Alt + Drag Probe scaling 2. Incursions 3. Noctis 4. Drea ...2011.07.01 17:36:00
- Afternoon, I'm islador, CEO of FEL0N, I believe you'd fit right in with my corp. You'll see more inf ...2011.06.28 20:54:00
- Edited by: islador on 27/06/2011 16:04:03 "I can tell you that this is one of the moments where we ...2011.06.27 15:57:00
- I have been looking for a good rental agreement for 6 months now. I am more or less convinced they d ...2011.06.13 16:38:00
- Your numbers are messed up at best, but the concept is absolutely sexy. A true fleet booster, it's n ...2011.04.02 07:50:00
- Edited by: Veriasse Valence on 10/12/2010 15:37:17 Edited by: Veriasse Valence on 10/12/2010 15:33: ...2010.12.10 16:55:00
- Moving such enormous vessels brings a lot of consequences for the enemy and then should not be with ...2010.12.10 16:34:00
- I support!! Wheres the thumbs up button? Seriously though, I see no issue with you guys pushing back ...2010.11.26 02:52:00
- Frontier Explorer's League was the bastard child of me and my buddy tossing names around for a new c ...2010.11.16 20:52:00
- FELON is also interested in setting up rental agreement. Convo me in game, or shoot me a mail and we ...2010.11.16 20:45:00
- NO! It'll change the atmosphere of EVE entirely, and it's a slippery slope. ...2010.10.27 23:43:00

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