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- They have medicines for that ya know? Or are your Amarr masters not forthcomming till you finish you ...2007.02.25 03:57:00
- Ask questions about benefits that they provide for their members and what they ask in return. Don't ...2007.02.25 03:49:00
- ...2007.02.25 03:46:00
- and this is the most interesting thing you heard on oursulaert local? dude, you're clearly not spen ...2007.02.23 14:22:00
- God forgive me for my smack lets move on should we? Good post OPIf you are going to post smack, at ...2007.02.23 02:26:00
- All ships can field only 5 drones now, except carriers. Carriers are able to field more drones. Adva ...2007.02.22 23:23:00
- You'll be playing the game for a year and still learning something new (mostly thanks to all the new ...2007.02.22 05:35:00
- One tracking computer puts you at 60k optimal. I believe you can sneak on 2 of the range rigs on it. ...2007.02.22 05:27:00
- The player guide is somewhat outdated and doesn't mention a lot of things about EVE. So often it wil ...2007.02.22 04:17:00
- Destroyers in PVP are not bad at all. A well fit caldari destroyer with 125mm rail gun IIs with spik ...2007.02.22 04:14:00
- I remember the limit used to be something around 7000 characters for the e-mails. That was before th ...2007.02.21 16:10:00
- Those eight high slots were meant to fit guns in order to pop frigates ultra fast on the PvP battlef ...2007.02.21 16:05:00
- Now lets just hope that FCs actually read the forum ... ...2007.02.19 06:47:00
- so... during the ascn war, when BoB deliberately crashed the node, even admitted to it, that was not ...2007.02.19 05:32:00
- I don't want to write tons of stuffs here to explain the whole situation here, but i can at least sa ...2007.02.19 05:21:00

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