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- Edited by: Bonny Lee on 27/08/2010 12:32:33 Currently, there's no reason to train rockets, and furt ...2010.08.27 12:31:00
- Tbh i would delete Drone Regions before adding more 0.0 ...2010.08.27 12:09:00
- They are doing fine. There are things that i dont like but thats the way it has been in every game ...2010.08.12 10:34:00
- 2006 there was lag too, but the community wasnt filled with crybabys that do think nothing ist done, ...2010.07.31 09:00:00
- If missle damnage is changed to rof i want my Shieldboostbonus on the Cyclone and Vargur and Sleipni ...2010.07.27 23:40:00
- LvL-Based PvE-Focus MMORPGs are never a challenge to EvE-Online regardless if they are fantasy or in ...2010.07.24 15:03:00
- Covert-Ops-Cloaking Device - 90 Million ISK ...2010.06.30 22:39:00
- I remember what a pain it was to get learnings to 5 and then advanced to 4 (yes i know now only 4/4) ...2010.06.30 11:42:00
- Type5: i have so many SP i dont care about one more day ...2010.06.24 20:53:00
- @ Max QuesoI love how you ignore aspects of the arguments that doesn't fit into your responses. Limi ...2010.06.21 17:46:00
- I also went to nullsec back in 2006 after one month of empire gaming. Back then it was harder cause ...2010.06.14 21:24:00
- 100% for PC-Version ...2010.05.26 10:47:00
- Could it be that they grew from the prospects of being a great and powerful Southern Coalition Allia ...2010.05.19 20:05:00
- Just put the contract up with that conditions and it will be done before you even start to argue wit ...2010.04.12 08:29:00
- Nullsec is for two kinds of people. Little Dictators with Napoleon Complexes that run the large al ...2010.04.07 12:45:00

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