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- Those saying the Moa is ugly - have you seen the Crucifier? ...2011.05.26 21:58:00
- Gallente ships range from mildly interesting (Hyperion) to visually offensive (Domi looks like a pie ...2011.05.26 08:40:00
- Battlecruiser's purpose in the game is to be an anti-cruiser weapon. Of course its stats must vastly ...2011.05.25 14:47:00
- Let's compare for example a Hurricane with an Augoror Navy Issue:Cane:More firepower More HP Bette ...2011.05.25 05:32:00
- For me, high-'risk' activities in lowsec and 0.0. It's not a game for carousing, that's for sure. Th ...2011.05.23 06:07:00
- In fact, making an assumption of moral certitude is exactly what allows one to become "hurt."This. ...2011.05.23 05:56:00
- Being wardecced tore the corp up internally. Had some disagreements with the CEO, which went ignored ...2011.05.01 16:24:00
- I don't think most of these ships have cockpits, more like a bridge with a dozen operators and the p ...2011.04.04 08:57:00
- Edited by: Tentacle Monster on 04/04/2011 07:20:50 I had this dream once where I somehow found myse ...2011.04.04 07:19:00
- OK let's face it, unless the game is the new Unreal Tournament, it won't have multiplayer past the f ...2011.04.04 06:50:00
- Edited by: Tentacle Monster on 04/04/2011 06:34:51 'Be paranoid' is like the moral lesson of EVE On ...2011.04.04 06:34:00
- I know it's nitpicking, but I could have sworn I used to have my frequency crystals sorted by range ...2011.04.04 06:28:00
- I don't expect or really want avatar fighting in Incarna, but maybe a couple sidearms from Dust woul ...2010.12.15 15:10:00
- I'm guessing so that new players don't 'have' to wait for the learning skills to train before they s ...2010.12.15 14:51:00
- Hi, I'm just getting into PI and thinking it would be a good idea before committing to anything to f ...2010.11.21 11:31:00

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