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- Fun story. I love the part where the guy who got killed came in and started *****ing about it. Mad ...2010.03.26 21:07:00
- Edited by: Ranged Airman on 26/03/2010 17:56:55 What a joke. You ask what are the benefits of havi ...2010.03.26 17:56:00
- I think 5m is suitable. Maybe because I'm dirt poor, and maybe because I know a good number of peop ...2009.02.10 01:38:00
- I definitely can't imagine the launchers being worth as much now... Sell sell sell! :) You might be ...2009.02.10 01:35:00
- Thanks for the update, while it is unfortunate for those using linux, it does make sense. So what ab ...2009.02.09 12:24:00
- Even when starting in low space it is quite common to have 10+ jumps one way :( ...2009.02.06 23:35:00
- Ahh, good point there Zeba. I was thinking in terms of if someone else logged into the account and ...2009.02.05 04:32:00
- Alright so I listened to the mp3... How does a top BOB director not have a mic? That doesn't make s ...2009.02.05 04:23:00
- I was just "show info"ing SirMolle and others earlier today randomly... how strange. ...2009.02.05 03:30:00
- ContractKiller, I can't imagine them not being in someplace within w-space :) ...2009.02.05 02:22:00
- I love it all, but can you think about changing the mass limit from 12million kg to 13.2million kg? ...2009.02.05 01:16:00
- Trying to figure out how to play in the unknown is probably as much fun as actually doing it (at lea ...2009.02.04 23:53:00
- It's nice to know, but simply stating that missions account for 40% of minerals doesn't mean a whole ...2009.02.04 23:35:00
- This sounds like a great idea. Airman Expedition Corporation will be contacting you shortly for mor ...2009.02.03 23:13:00
- Overall a fun read, thanks! Though I agree with TornSoul: Don't quite buy how the captain (and pres ...2009.02.03 03:51:00

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