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- what is the cutoff (Level-wise)for using just one BC to head-off the enemies in a security mission?L ...2011.09.05 02:20:00
- Edited by: Destamon on 04/09/2011 12:12:10 I would understand the devision being random for a story ...2011.09.04 12:11:00
- Your just butthurt you didnt get in on the shouldnt matter to you if someone has better ...2011.05.26 14:33:00
- So.. No Gallente Federation Navy system..What a bummer, wonder if I should rep up some other faction ...2011.05.25 07:26:00
- Posting in yet another Guristas jamming thread. Having a second person or alt, as you have already s ...2011.05.23 22:31:00
- You heard wrong, declining a mission in the 4 hour window causes a agent, corp and faction hit whi ...2011.05.23 22:27:00
- It varies widely depending on your skills and your ISK/LP conversion ratio. Conservative estimate wo ...2011.05.22 10:07:00
- I'll repeat that I was just curious if anyone else had seen any old mission pool behavior.I've only ...2011.05.21 23:04:00
- im playing a minmatar pve (concidering pvp) what is the best type of LP and possibly the best purcha ...2011.05.21 22:58:00
- I wasn't aware that Science & Industry constituted market speculation...To be more precise, it's mar ...2011.05.21 22:51:00
- Uh, you should consider that the majority of EVE players are narcissitic types with extremely low ...2011.05.21 22:48:00
- Are you sure you didn't just forget to turn on your hardeners in all the excitement about the agent ...2011.05.21 22:42:00
- After the 1.5 patch I've had 100% success rate on every single invention job that I've installed. I ...2011.05.21 13:03:00
- I was just asking why, didn't see me complain about it or anythingI don't see why it's "the worst" j ...2011.05.21 13:00:00
- BTW, why is everything a "whine" with you ****ing *******s? I can't count the number of posts I rea ...2011.05.20 13:54:00

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