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- Just epic. Bills to pay: Billions. Systems to lose: Hundreds. Angry Members: Thousands. Disbandi ...2010.02.03 21:11:00
- Taking Sov when there is a game mechanic failure is not a victory.Its easy to brag that you beat Goo ...2010.01.26 17:08:00
- We are a small but experienced corp, looking for a recruiter, to find and hire pilots.We wanting to ...2009.10.07 04:31:00
- Great corp and the guys are making great money.Come and check us out. ...2009.06.11 14:07:00
- Good Corp to work for. BUT evil is crazy. Takes pot shots at me. But fun. ...2009.05.29 20:10:00
- Edited by: Doctor Evil on 06/07/2006 18:39:11lol Miz is a great solo fighter.He will see that VC i ...2006.07.06 18:38:00
- We still have openings.We are a laid back corp that has fun killing our enemies and doing ops. ...2006.06.28 16:07:00
- We are still looking for more people.French speaking please contract Vorador in the channel DAMOB. ...2006.06.07 15:43:00
- We still are looking for more frig tacklers and better. WE NEED YOU!!!WE have someone to gank!!!! ...2006.04.23 16:13:00
- We still have openings.Come be brave. ...2006.04.07 14:50:00
- bumpa ...2006.03.25 05:43:00
- Great Crew and alot of crazy fun on ts. ...2006.03.23 14:11:00
- Our pvp wing is still looking for pilots and our industrial side is still needing people to learn ...2006.03.16 06:10:00
- You killed a pos, not the fleet.Actually the fleet battle you lost.IMP, VC, FA combined - 5bs, 1hac, ...2006.01.27 06:08:00
- BumpWE NEED YOU, if you want to learn pvp or not be lonely anymore. ...2006.01.03 17:04:00

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