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- More bump, still looking casual, any relevant information would be appreciated. ...2010.03.29 14:34:00
- bump to the face, still looking I hear things about AAA C, Atlas , and IT alliance. any ppl out the ...2010.03.28 01:57:00
- Small corp getting bigger, is looking for an opportunity to grow in .0 Please leave some vitals ...2010.03.26 11:28:00
- Thanks pimpen, handy yar tool their senden thanks your way ...2009.02.15 07:54:00
- just dl'ed the new test server patch less then hour ago, got everything right on my end settings wis ...2009.02.15 07:47:00
- ya some GM's and myself found out that you had to be realy close :( the ship is oporation as it shou ...2009.02.08 11:23:00
- So, i cant seem to get a stealth bomber to get jumped to the covert cyno via the black opts jump por ...2009.02.07 23:06:00
- only bumping cus he payed me j\kgood luck and cheersps stay out of our 4 letter word we c ...2009.02.04 01:23:00
- sold...bummer if i could have contacted you on time (work) we could have put a 13b instead of 12...o ...2008.11.19 05:33:00
- so im wondering.....what would a typical day of bandwith beż The reason i ask is im thinkng oc getti ...2008.10.23 06:41:00
- send to: Leroy Hood Zoweroffer valid 2 hours from post ...2008.08.22 04:30:00
- Daily bump...and also....ccp, you **** and moan about isk farmers, give us a way to catch them. exam ...2008.04.26 00:38:00
- Edited by: Dirty Rider on 25/04/2008 00:26:40 Daily bump, and keep the comments coming, so far its ...2008.04.25 00:20:00
- Edited by: Dirty Rider on 24/04/2008 01:58:58 CCP you have failed the ppl that pay and play your ga ...2008.04.24 01:52:00
- Friendly bump for a great group of pilots. Would recommend anyone wanting to learn life long eve les ...2007.12.15 18:36:00

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