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- While the FNS Satori was on deployment alongside FNS Laeres in the system of Keseya, both vessels we ...2010.12.10 11:04:00
- The Federation stands with you, CONCORD, and I can relay verification from my superiors on everythin ...2010.12.09 20:06:00
- Due to the unique circumstances surrounding its purchase, FIO agents began tracking the movement of ...2010.12.09 18:08:00
- Size unknown at this time, but consider the possibility that some attacks, for a period, were launch ...2010.12.09 04:11:00
- The system on the other side remains unverifiable at this time, but we have good reason to suspect t ...2010.12.09 03:51:00
- Two reports that will need further circulation than the busy GalNet pages will afford them: Understa ...2010.12.09 03:41:00
- For Immediate Release: Informal Report on Initial Data Capture:The reach of the explosion from Cpt. ...2010.12.09 03:25:00
- Compiled with the assistance of CONCORD and Amarr authorities in Antem. Cleared for Public Release ...2010.12.09 03:20:00
- Why is a Federation Navy officer providing an AAR, after apparently providing support, for an attack ...2010.12.08 02:38:00
- It would be simplicity itself to set up a listening post within each settled system with gravimetric ...2010.12.08 02:36:00
- Thank you for stating intelligence we were already aware of.There was, I would have thought, at leas ...2010.12.08 02:29:00
- Replying to this is going to be like navigating a minefield, but I'm cleared for open comms, so I wi ...2010.12.08 01:00:00
- Edited by: Omune Balenne on 06/12/2010 01:46:11 Node 07 Approximately one day ago, Node 07 beca ...2010.12.06 01:40:00
- Node 06An audio stream featuring Kuvakei himself. Encoded inside the audio was the following message ...2010.12.06 01:35:00
- Operational:PUBLIC PORTAL: 00-000-4567-ISHAEKAThis portal is comprised of network captures and inter ...2010.12.06 01:31:00

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