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- Posting in a terrible thread to show off the sweet new alliance name. ...2010.02.05 06:16:00
- Best alliance name ever. ...2010.02.05 06:10:00
- So long and thanks for all the fish. ...2010.02.03 07:26:00
- This would be very nice. Supported. ...2010.01.22 04:14:00
- Where did the Sys-K, AAA, and IT posters go? ...2010.01.18 06:35:00
- Edited by: John MacCoy on 21/11/2009 04:25:10 Cancel Dominion.There I said it.This whole thing is a ...2009.11.21 06:49:00
- I honestly don't understand how a company, responsible for a product like EVE, can afford to make su ...2009.11.20 22:27:00
- Hello everyone,While we all appreciate that this is a very hot topic item we would urge you to be co ...2009.11.20 22:20:00
- Thanks CCP, you guys are pioneers of the gaming industry. After introducing a pair of ship classes t ...2009.11.20 01:13:00
- Seriously though this is completely terrible have you ever played the game. ...2009.11.20 01:03:00
- When nearly every blog you release is receiving constant outrage at your lack of understanding of yo ...2009.11.20 01:01:00
- CCP, you have lost the plot, truly and utterly ******ed.Lets rehash a few things - Instead of actua ...2009.11.07 01:47:00

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