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- Just a few things that weren't mentioned: - Please use server side caching (Memcached, Redis, ...) ...2011.02.02 15:22:00
- Like any other political entity, CSM seems to be more bothered with itself than making the game bett ...2011.01.12 09:33:00
- Master Corruptor > Unallocated skill points: 13,057,415Could someone look into this? Did some reall ...2010.12.15 16:37:00
- How come some people received a free remap but I didn't? ...2010.12.15 16:07:00
- Hey DJ, if you recommend both: 8. Change your password - ALL THE TIME BE CHANGING YOUR PASSWO ...2010.11.19 19:01:00
- Please restore "save password" and "auto login" functionality. It can be done without saving the act ...2010.11.19 18:57:00
- Edited by: Lord Matrix on 19/10/2010 15:12:43 I like the new ammo changes. I never used Gleam becau ...2010.10.19 15:11:00
- The enter key may not be the best choice for EVE since enter is actually used a few places like ente ...2010.10.14 21:34:00
- I really welcome this idea. It's great! Here is a list of things I would like to be able to bind to ...2010.10.14 21:01:00
- Instead of having to deal with criminals, the society would be better of preventing the circumstance ...2010.06.19 10:51:00
- How do you know which anomalies does the system have? My current system has a red dwarf star. There ...2009.03.18 19:57:00
- I support this. ...2009.03.16 19:33:00
- I very much agree with this proposal. Make capitals capital sized ...2009.03.16 19:30:00
- Clock for clock, Nehalem CPUs are about 5-10% faster than previous generation. The improvement is gr ...2009.02.16 20:58:00
- Realizing that people who are rich in RL can gain advantage in game by selling GTCs for ISK. It's ch ...2009.02.11 21:07:00

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