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- Yea, better start with some researched copies, so you can check if there is enough market for a cert ...2010.07.01 10:56:00
- A unique gift stays a unique gift.But, let's think of it as a prototype, CCP could tweak the model a ...2010.07.01 10:23:00
- Ok, this issue may have been touched on before, but there are too many posts to go over and check (s ...2010.06.25 09:02:00
- as there are "pockets" of resources, probably all the extractors in those pockets use the same resou ...2010.06.25 08:52:00
- Edited by: Ryuga VonRhaiden on 25/06/2010 08:44:50 Edited by: Ryuga VonRhaiden on 25/06/2010 08:44: ...2010.06.25 08:43:00
- With all the striking visuals, large gamer population, and apparently tons of people willing to wr ...2009.04.08 17:34:00
- A friend of mine pointed me here for help, can anyone enchant my pulse laser so i can do quests fast ...2009.04.08 17:32:00
- keep logging in and saying hello in local, you never know you may not be alone!yea, you easily get t ...2009.04.08 17:27:00
- Just fire the guy that made the actual intro and hire this guy and let him make an extended version ...2009.03.30 18:17:00
- There is no fast roll anymore they all start whit the same now...If your asking for a training plan ...2009.03.30 15:30:00
- 2.4 for Developer :) ...2009.03.26 17:08:00
- I'll open with 1bil for Developer :) ...2009.03.26 05:50:00
- Edited by: De''Veldrin on 16/03/2009 16:52:24 Actually, the 14-18 age bracket (at least in the US) ...2009.03.19 07:39:00
- second a queston that must have been answerd before but i havent found any answer on. why have mi ...2009.03.19 07:17:00
- 5 bil? O.o ...2009.03.18 17:07:00

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