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- Would someone be so kind as to point out for me the system I'd have to go to to claim my free factio ...2007.06.26 06:06:00
- Edited by: scabbsssjr on 08/06/2007 23:16:41 30 fleet fitted BS (No caldari)Just out of curiosity, ...2007.06.09 00:02:00
- well thats odd the info shows up on other things like missle launchers so why wouldnt they do the sa ...2007.02.25 23:15:00
- I have this problem also, and reply to petition was client side and/or ISP issue. Strange is that ot ...2007.02.21 02:51:00
- Check with your ISP before you blame EVE.Ah the obvious must be your fault? 1. Pre patch, no issues ...2007.02.03 01:09:00
- I don't have a solution, but just wanted to let you know I have the exact same situation. Since patc ...2007.02.02 08:01:00
- Been trying to log on to the test server for the past 5 hours now...Started with about #500 in queue ...2006.10.25 05:21:00

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