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- Oh, sorry then, i must've missed that. Rifter is the best, but it's not such a blatant i-win imbal ...2011.08.18 01:51:00
- Edited by: Lilith Velkor on 16/08/2011 19:39:00I do not believe a pure "piracy" corp even exists in ...2011.08.16 19:27:00
- The Space P0liceThey have their own little forum fanboy, how cool is THAT? ...2011.08.15 05:56:00
- There's good pirate corps out there but it really depends what you are looking for. Larger fleet ...2011.08.13 23:23:00
- 20048 ...2011.08.13 04:56:00
- Frankly I do not see any reason at all for a miner to go to w-space instead of nullsec provided they ...2011.08.11 21:27:00
- This is due in part to the lack of need for miners and general industrialists in 0.0 currently, so ...2011.08.11 20:53:00
- Edited by: Lilith Velkor on 11/08/2011 20:18:07 Yeah but this wont be an issue for gate campers. T ...2011.08.11 20:12:00
- In any case with no local you will see gate camping blobs increase not decrease.No. Everyone who h ...2011.08.11 19:58:00
- While I agree gate camps are lame pvp, I don't think this would apply that much in low sec. Yes t ...2011.08.11 19:25:00
- Edited by: Lilith Velkor on 09/08/2011 19:02:522. add value to ships and give value to killing them ...2011.08.09 19:02:00
- Send me a mail next time Jude ;P I only found out with three hours left on the event ;( It was a p ...2011.08.07 19:09:00
- Minmatar have just as high if not higher applied dps than Gallente ships, but that doesn't stop them ...2011.08.07 06:19:00
- Edited by: Lilith Velkor on 07/08/2011 05:55:49 I just can see the advantages of flying this ship o ...2011.08.07 05:55:00
- Bump for a great pirate corp.o/ old brosefs ...2011.08.03 20:56:00

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