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- Edited by: Jokiller Gerius on 17/03/2010 17:54:02 not broken see below for why it can't be done as ...2010.03.17 17:53:00
- easy way is copy tq to new folder then create a short cut for eve then edit it so the target line u ...2010.03.15 20:49:00
- Some planets "eat" up the PCC's Set one to build, it disapairs from my cargo hold, but doesnt show ...2010.03.15 18:21:00
- you need to reply in the activation sticky its the only place they accept them as by tommorow this w ...2010.03.13 20:26:00
- Just did a quick run through of the new planetary system - this is really neat. Just a couple questi ...2010.03.13 16:34:00
- no i believe that is what they are working on in the current sprint ...2010.03.13 09:49:00
- sisi is always behind tq it just depends on how many weeks ago the mirror was taken the mirror befor ...2010.03.11 18:52:00
- Edited by: Jokiller Gerius on 10/03/2010 20:26:43 Can it be assumed that all of this planetary inte ...2010.03.10 20:26:00
- see csm iceland meeting notes ccp are thinking of making it so warp scrambled ships can not dock plu ...2010.03.09 17:49:00
- i think well should start seeing it this week and it is more like late june than july for the expans ...2010.03.08 11:34:00
- your best bet is to replace your current test copy with the one from the normal game and it should l ...2010.02.27 19:20:00
- skills are not taken into account on the arrays it is just a flat rate ...2010.02.25 20:06:00
- have you tried running a virus scan as it looks like something is changing a client file which will ...2010.02.24 19:24:00
- How about this: New Scorp? Will that do?OH HELL YEAH!, is that for real??Are you teasing me?? yes it ...2010.02.24 17:20:00
- if you exit the station and right click at the bottom of the menu you should see either hide route o ...2010.02.21 21:10:00

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