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- Quality product as always Kyoko ;)Hal. ...2011.08.16 13:40:00
- How clumsy of me, I appear to have bumped this thread ;)Hal. ...2011.08.03 11:20:00
- After conducting the necessary ritual sacrifice of three annoying chavs, the work gods have deemed t ...2011.07.21 14:42:00
- Very fun meet was very fun ;)Hal. ...2011.07.03 22:51:00
- Not long to go now!Hal. ...2011.06.27 15:13:00
- Thankfully, it would appear that the tube strike is actually taking place over tonight/tomorrow morn ...2011.06.19 14:42:00
- YO,well im planning on coming, where is there to stay near by/ where is everyone else staying???The ...2011.06.18 21:01:00
- Very well done Sir!Hal. ...2011.05.30 16:43:00
- Japanx, Calpepe and friends are some of the most competent and skilled PvP pilots that I have had th ...2011.05.19 18:19:00
- Edited by: Halaxi on 29/03/2011 23:31:03 Edited by: Halaxi on 29/03/2011 23:30:39 On the whole, it ...2011.03.29 23:28:00
- What, manufacturers are selling their products for a decent profit? What an outlandish concept....If ...2011.03.29 13:40:00
- Now there I have to object. CONCORD are anything but idle right now. They've established the Incur ...2011.03.12 12:00:00
- Aureleos > hey demi i ate "c word for a part of the female anatomy" once Aureleos > did you know i ...2011.03.11 13:22:00
- It would seem the ball is in your court, Kuvakei. I hope you choose wisely.Hal. ...2011.03.10 20:24:00
- They do indeed sell alcohol at the FF venue, at quite decent prices as I recall. Yes, you can start ...2011.03.08 15:39:00

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