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- well, bugger. ...2011.08.18 17:50:00
- Here's a thing that happened over 100 years ago ...2011.08.10 16:39:00
- Last I heard there was even a push to make it illegal to smoke if you have children in your house. I ...2011.07.30 08:40:00
- is this in the new things on Duality at the moment ?Yes, Aurua's voice is back for the tutorials a ...2011.05.29 09:24:00
- According to Aurua they had to euthanize your old body for them to install new implants into the cur ...2011.05.29 08:25:00
- While your GCC may have been up, as Akita said, your corp aggression might not have been. That reset ...2011.05.07 17:10:00
- Quickest is a station with 2 or more agents in it. Bonus if there's a storyline agent in same statio ...2011.05.07 11:10:00
- The macro miner immediately warped away, docked with the station, and logged off.Hmm. in that case, ...2011.05.07 10:26:00
- Hmm.The macro miner you engaged, you did not destroy, correct?Do you know if anyone else destroyed t ...2011.05.07 09:09:00
- Is there anything in the standings transactions for CONCORD or your security status changes on your ...2011.05.07 08:43:00
- Although not tech 2 as such, there's also the rigs & salvage, and racial ice, as even more things th ...2011.05.01 10:19:00
- My point is.. If you already have to go to empire to import stuff.. Why make the effort and only get ...2011.05.01 09:33:00
- (Amarr did credit me with a -0.02 ship kill and a -0.0 aggression penalty which was interesting sinc ...2011.05.01 09:22:00
- Edited by: Shirley Serious on 30/04/2011 09:12:20 looks like Jason Lucas (who? vOv) is actually a p ...2011.04.30 09:11:00
- I vaguely remember some sort of poll that listed the priorities of the average human. And sadly, fr ...2011.04.29 11:53:00

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