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- Hehe, it doesn't quite reflect the reality, but my point stands; it's hard to state with 100% certai ...2010.08.02 14:27:00
- Edited by: Gariuys on 27/07/2010 23:00:12 Well regardless of hype, it's a good game, the singleplay ...2010.07.27 22:59:00
- Tell me this does not have anything to do with that Implant for newbies under 30 days that gives th ...2010.07.26 05:20:00
- You remember wrong, it's always been 12 months. ...2010.07.19 15:01:00
- Personally I've started looking at Python, already got quite a bit of experience with SQL and PL/SQL ...2010.07.19 06:29:00
- It's Blizzard, so yeah I'll buy it, they haven't failed me yet. And the whole 1/3rd of a campaig is ...2010.07.19 06:16:00
- Yes, because when the audience gets to apathy; they really are doing great. Right?If you ever run a ...2010.07.15 18:21:00
- Would you have so strong a opinion on where some else spends their hard earned cash if he had spent ...2010.07.10 07:33:00
- Only played the SP campaign and really liked it. Graphics wise itīs not very consistent, but the env ...2010.07.09 06:12:00
- If you really wanna help you should do some reading before opening your mouth. Most of the server co ...2010.07.08 21:44:00
- Look, no one, not even Finn, opposed Ankh's candidacy more than I did. That said I simply do not tru ...2010.07.08 06:06:00
- tl;dr version, use common sense and use logical arguments based on;dr response, this is the ...2010.07.05 06:38:00
- Depends on what you like, both are hack and slash rpgs. Titan Quest has the cool graphics kick ass s ...2010.07.02 14:30:00
- No way man. Eve is about planning and making good use of your training time spent. If they remove ...2010.07.01 06:11:00
- The differences in control systems will ensure that it is never released on the PC.How are console p ...2010.06.30 22:46:00

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