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- Edited by: Rosenoern on 16/05/2010 19:46:55Damned EVE forums already take up too much of my waking d ...2010.05.16 19:47:00
- i wish IRL politics went down like this ...2010.05.13 11:58:00
- Rawcola say research is He actually said "excellent" and not optimal? (O.o) ...2010.04.24 19:39:00
- Edited by: Rosenoern on 06/04/2010 02:22:50 1 ticket plox. Isk sent. ...2010.04.06 02:22:00
- How much do Anaconda and Python Mines usually go for? I would like to sell these.Mines are not deplo ...2010.04.06 02:06:00
- Just thought i'd offer up some advice.C L A S S I F I E D You're welcome. ...2010.04.03 21:41:00
- I endorse this endeavor on the condition that interest is paid in waffles.**** waffles, T3 waffles k ...2010.04.02 22:15:00
- 5.5m sent. Enjoy.P.S. this is a one time deal.EmmgelThank you so much for putting this thread out of ...2010.04.02 22:09:00
- Kill any chances of the up and coming trader?Sure.. Why not? A lot of people live off the fact t ...2010.04.02 21:49:00
- Well if you say "Bladerunner" you have to say "Soldier" since they are set in the same universe...Ot ...2010.03.31 01:12:00
- I predict big push on all fronts after devblog.If the plan for killing pay-out on supercapitals is a ...2010.03.30 23:41:00
- Excellent channel with very helpful management. Recommend it. ...2010.03.28 01:11:00
- It's a game...But yeah i get a tiny tad p*sed when people f*k up my s*t. ...2010.03.28 00:28:00
- i wonder if minerals might be used in PI production to offset the recent oversupply currently floodi ...2010.03.28 00:20:00
- Insurance nerf for sure...Any actual NPC bank would either be ISK faucet, ISK sink or some gambling ...2010.03.26 10:26:00

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