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- Bumping for a great corp full of sexy troublemakers! Join SOAPY now to get your naughty on babies!xO ...2010.12.21 05:22:00
- Now now Alex, we both know that my age isn't the reason you don't want me on your lap. It's a matter ...2010.08.02 01:50:00
- Bump for one of my favorite naughty boys.I'll be sitting on your lap licking you soon Alex <3xOxo C ...2010.08.02 00:25:00
- Edited by: Charity Regard on 11/07/2010 22:38:49 As the new Director of Sexy in AARF here is my wis ...2010.07.11 22:38:00
- Bathing with your fellow corpies is the key to happiness I've found over the years. Nothing like soa ...2010.07.09 00:11:00
- Sending a little love to my Jericho Fraction friends for old time's sake. Good luck with your call J ...2010.07.07 04:30:00
- Contacted you last night via evemail regarding BO of this character.Message sent and buyout accepted ...2007.03.15 08:16:00
- Edited by: Charity Regard on 15/03/2007 07:43:35 Edited by: Charity Regard on 15/03/2007 06:00:59 ...2007.03.15 06:04:00
- Edited by: Charity Regard on 14/03/2007 06:37:51 Great Character for pew pew of any kind. If you l ...2007.03.14 05:04:00
- FRANK!! You're still using the finest signature ever to be seen on Eve-O I see :) Perhaps it's time ...2006.07.26 23:12:00
- YAY! ♥ to you Fisho sweets! Long time no see...nice to see you are still about!xOxo Charity ...2006.07.26 23:05:00
- with Frickin' Laser Beams is pleased t ...2006.07.26 22:55:00
- Awwww threads like this make me want to come back beyond just designing a sexy banner or sig once in ...2006.04.11 17:33:00
- Happy times people :D Congratz to everyone who made Sharks what it is today, especially Charity Reg ...2006.04.10 22:42:00
- Wooo! At least I am famous for something :D In all seriousness, thanks Manus : ) It's good to see yo ...2006.04.10 22:39:00

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