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- Disclaimer: This is my opinion, not CCP's, ISD's or the GM team, or anything of the sort.Id have to ...2007.04.19 13:54:00
- Good Bye threads belong in OOPE.Moving! ...2007.04.18 13:13:00
- I agree with what most of the other posters have said, EVE is a game where if you do not defend your ...2007.04.16 00:53:00
- The Auto-Lock system works by targeting people that have you targeted, up to the number of targets y ...2007.04.16 00:50:00
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- Personally, I think that CCP should have someone start from scratch again and try and use the Player ...2007.02.13 01:31:00
- Please keep it civil and polite guys. ...2007.02.13 00:00:00
- Playing EVE or WOW is not mutually exclusive, you can play and enjoy BOTH for their own merits.I per ...2007.02.02 13:33:00
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- fast paced action?dont you spend like, 12 hours doing one raid?I don't raid, why sit there for hours ...2007.02.01 02:42:00
- Wait a minute.And WoW is less boring than EVE?Give me a break. It has not one redeeming factor. I' ...2007.02.01 02:31:00
- Im defiantly enjoying BSG also.However i must say i enjoy the Cylon politics and stories much more t ...2007.01.28 11:45:00

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