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- Yes. ...2011.06.26 20:47:00
- She had to take her daughter into the ER shortly after she created the thread. Her daughter wound ...2011.06.26 10:33:00
- XDecent 1st attempt. Kinda cute for a few minutes but I turned it off. It's not (yet) for me. ...2011.06.25 13:07:00
- Not only am I having the same problems you all have described since the patch but my client also doe ...2011.06.03 09:11:00
- CCP, friends and foes,I've been here for 6 of the 8 years - seen many changes, the efforts of hard w ...2011.05.06 07:55:00
- Woohoo! No more click-fest with extractors and re-routing!Two double-clicks per extractor now - that ...2010.05.31 12:29:00
- Tried the autopatch and the manual download but I am stuck at Output folder: C:\DOCUME~1\Stephanie\ ...2010.05.27 08:51:00
- Glad you are having fun with it, can you elaborate more on what the issue with the routing is? Gener ...2010.05.21 18:30:00
- In a word: Wow - I'm really impressed with PI. It held my attention the other day for more than 12 ...2010.05.21 18:17:00
- Sweet mother of god! I love what you've done! Scanning is awesome! As is the new fitting screen, e ...2009.03.10 23:45:00
- At Eve Fanfest 2007 there was a lifetime membership being auctioned. I took my annual subscription ...2009.01.16 18:53:00
- My normally stable connection has been very unstable post-patch. I've been DC'd 6 times since the s ...2008.11.12 01:57:00
- I play at this res with no trouble.Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop, Core 2 Duo T5500 @ 1.66G 2GB ram NV ...2008.01.19 12:12:00
- Whew! Thank you for making this info so "in my face" that I didn't miss it. I too had this problem. ...2007.12.06 15:38:00
- It's the worst I have seen it in a long time. A delay I can deal with - getting my character stuck ...2007.09.08 23:24:00

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