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- Edited by: Tarikan on 24/08/2011 05:05:30 I am a fan of supporting a change and/or buff to Dreads i ...2011.08.24 05:01:00
- if this is true, then i will be thinking hard on leaving eve-o.i have liked...a bit of Incarna, the ...2011.06.23 02:03:00
- I'm mostly looking forward to those nice new turrets ^^ ...2011.06.21 05:16:00
- i too have seen the minerals prices go up slightly and welcome this change. ...2011.06.19 05:34:00
- i have seen noticeably less miner bots, but mission bots seems to still be there.i only assume CCP i ...2011.06.03 00:13:00
- Unfortunately, bots can use d-scan, and react to it better and faster than a player. All removing lo ...2011.05.26 02:24:00
- We are currently still recruiting anyone who wishes to PvP or be in the PvP business. ...2011.05.12 14:33:00
- Reference to an old thread of ours: ...2011.05.11 18:17:00
- Dreadnought were used to kill capitals, and were effective. then Mother-ships got their boost and Dr ...2011.05.10 02:06:00
- um, no.macro mining and bots ruin the game, period.this will never happen, and if it does, you'll se ...2011.05.10 02:03:00
- it is good to see CCP doing the work that they say to fight bots and that there is progression. Whil ...2011.05.05 02:06:00
- oooh, consequences, you better hide and start doing the good ol' station spinning >.> ...2011.05.02 00:28:00
- i do like that you get the notifications of the damage drones do.but i would agree that they do "spa ...2011.05.02 00:19:00
- bumping this thread for it's awesomeness.enjoying the ongoing story, keep it up ...2011.05.01 17:34:00
- as i do recall, the GOONS have probably been the ones to contribute the most to this game in making ...2011.04.26 01:21:00

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