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- no Idea I don't like here But I think the 1900dps are a bit too much even for a glass canon Dromi (d ...2011.08.28 20:14:00
- The 'jack pot' mentality is for me the greatest reason not to do exploration right now it gives me o ...2011.08.16 19:37:00
- I use quake for station camping where tracking or range doesn't matter tremor is used for sniper sh ...2011.08.06 23:01:00
- its part of the eve lore that stargates can work in binary systems which I think is kinda sad maybe ...2011.08.06 22:53:00
- ccp needs to go back to the roots to the beginning of eve look how things where back then look at wh ...2011.07.28 23:41:00
- wrecks are nothing more than space trash why should concord protect space trash? (something like th ...2011.07.25 22:33:00
- marauders where always supposed to be pve only ships hence the bad ecm resist ...2011.07.25 22:30:00
- yep 33% just like shields ...2011.07.25 16:00:00
- also set the cap peak recharge to 0 percent would help that a lot ...2011.07.25 12:32:00
- 1. Over-All Scaling The over-all size (height) of a character should be adjustable, too - otherwise ...2011.07.25 00:03:00
- im unable to watch the video behind the ''think again'' it tells me Unfortunately, this video includ ...2011.07.23 22:35:00
- I have thought it would be nice if they would be BPOs instead of bpcs but they are too powerful to d ...2011.07.23 07:39:00
- no eve does not need more better stuff its bad enough that the t3 cruisers are just another stack on ...2011.07.11 14:05:00
- no to faster warping eve is already small as it is id rather have the warp speed of all ships halved ...2011.07.11 13:59:00
- hmm they do get a red stripe on blood ships but blasters on a daredevil are also golden :< ...2011.07.10 12:09:00

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