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- Tusseluring, 15, 88, 168 ...2011.07.25 00:59:00
- Graphics performance: 4 Overall performance: 2 General feedback: Minmatar station, i know, one sh ...2011.05.22 11:57:00
- 7 B) Aura mission, finding the ship .. eehh?? Where is it?? Might be worth mentioning here that i am ...2011.04.20 18:02:00
- 6 O) When the camera is zoomed in, it places the character on the left side of screen, i would prefe ...2011.04.20 17:59:00
- First of all, this will most likely be a wonderful addition to eve, and with all respect for this be ...2011.04.20 17:55:00
- 23) There's only ONE asteroid belt in TROSSERE and it's always depleted. It's the ONLY tutorial syst ...2011.02.16 08:30:00
- 12) If accidentally targeting someone, easily done as the overview modifies, make it so ++{click}, o ...2011.02.16 07:38:00
- 10) When you click on another ship which is currently aligning to get into warp, then YOU begin warp ...2011.02.15 19:25:00
- 1) Create a sound control panel, similar to the one in Windows, where it's possible to turn individu ...2011.02.15 19:23:00
- Same here, refusing to vote, for the reason it's on facebook. I hope this was the last time CCP used ...2010.12.31 00:27:00
- Wonder if i can explain it in an easy-to-understand way..The problem this time is that some ISP's ar ...2010.12.09 20:59:00
- I got mail from bahnhof business support today, they say the problem should be solved, and i confirm ...2010.12.08 15:38:00
- Currently, i have excellent speed through bahnhof, quick response in the game, even the ingame brows ...2010.12.07 22:28:00
- Bahnhof have not yet applied any patches to their DPI, it's the same lag as yesterday during peak ho ...2010.12.07 18:50:00
- As far i can see, this particular traffic shaper which seems to cause this is used by some 1100 isp' ...2010.12.06 20:03:00

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