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- trash it/make active? whats the difference? ...2010.07.01 15:48:00
- The POS was not there when I warped there, only the CEO and anoter corp memberalso he specifically s ...2010.06.18 23:16:00
- Why do you people keep crying? Its your own fault if the grid takes 40min to load. Why do you bring ...2010.06.17 12:41:00
- So which 0.0 regions have good market with plenty of supply and somewhat decent prices?I really woul ...2010.06.15 18:48:00
- Well the op has some valid points.The autoshooting as stated previously is something that only a new ...2010.06.14 11:29:00
- Edited by: small chimp on 03/06/2010 12:44:22 Lag complaints are completely justified. People who s ...2010.06.03 12:38:00
- Edited by: small chimp on 19/05/2010 22:11:17 I was happily playing on singularity until the server ...2010.05.19 22:09:00
- Well I offered salvaging rights to some newbie he warped in but didn't trigger those deadly waves. ? ...2010.05.19 19:07:00
- That user interface thread where is it? (that one that had a lot of suggestions and designs suggesti ...2010.05.18 16:31:00
- level4 missions should be in lowsec because i hate carebears and i want to gank themIf level4 missio ...2010.05.16 14:15:00
- any news? info? ...2010.05.13 12:31:00
- Im also wondering why doesnt the op use this:It makes the interface much more tolerable but its stil ...2010.05.08 17:07:00
- directional scanner: No slider?3463456725km vs 6.2 au? ...2010.05.08 13:31:00
- Edited by: small chimp on 07/05/2010 13:17:13 aaaaaaand I hate it when the client thinks you want t ...2010.05.07 13:12:00
- Love these threads, always get me thinking what it would be like to actually have UI in EVE Even d ...2010.05.06 20:44:00

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