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- +1 ...2011.07.16 22:31:00
- Terrible.Almost as pathetic as CSM6. Fix the servers you viking tool. Koba ...2011.07.16 21:43:00
- Hmm, kind of true...A year ago - the servers were fine.I'll still take your newb stuff though.Koba ...2011.07.15 23:24:00
- You wrote that in school and it does not apply to the topic at hand. You have no clue about this. I ...2011.07.15 04:53:00
- /signedCSM is a joke, has been since its inception. Tea Party is hardly a fluke, biggest election i ...2011.07.13 22:28:00
- You're gonna trust a smug d*uche like Mittani to represent you? Really?Even after we waited seven d ...2011.07.02 18:51:00
- "Not that i am defending CCP" seems like Bacon's theme phrase for the night lolAll the cool kids are ...2011.07.02 02:31:00
- It is going to be Yes!Prepare accordingly.Truth. Sucks. Koba ...2011.07.02 02:29:00
- QUESTION: What time GMT/ZULU/EvE Time will the .mp3 version of the program be available? Koba ...2011.07.02 02:13:00
- truncated content ...2011.07.02 02:10:00
- With out anything specific as part of the answer, did the CSM change CCP's mind on anything? Yes/No? ...2011.07.02 02:02:00
- Funky! So far so good!Question: Would you please ask each member of the panel to offer their opini ...2011.07.02 01:56:00
- Edited by: Koba Kyogen on 01/07/2011 21:34:05 that means i gotta log into EvE to see what time it i ...2011.07.01 21:32:00
- Funky - where do I send the bill for the man hours of publicity I tossed your way today?jk Back hur ...2011.07.01 21:22:00
- YEAH!!!I will be tuning in, and I suggest you do too! Go get 'em, Funky! Koba ...2011.07.01 21:18:00

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