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- Id also like to confirm rumors that GS will kick and reset Band of Brothers if they don't start pull ...2009.06.29 06:54:00
- I for one fully support Goons being destroyed and removed from EVE. They are a plague of ******ed 13 ...2009.04.05 20:49:00
- Oh god this is clearly the first time a black ops has been killed, and in M-O as well! Wow this is a ...2009.04.05 20:43:00
- Oh bless lofty29's scamp heart for trying, you just hang in there little buddy! ...2009.03.01 09:12:00
- WTB Thanny or an Anshar in the PR-, 319 area.I'm sure I will have my pick as its not likely Kenny is ...2009.03.01 09:03:00
- Clearly you aren't happy, for a partly sum I can get you into GoonFleet where you will have loads of ...2009.02.26 11:43:00
- I have PTSD from having to listen to DBRB during every fleet op. ...2009.02.26 04:32:00
- I can confirm everything the OP has said, goonswarm has fail cascaded and is currently evacuating ou ...2009.02.25 11:43:00
- This thread fails as it lacks content about goons failing in Delve. OP please fix this. ...2009.02.24 12:51:00
- I have some space in Detorid I'm willing to part with. Please send 2bil isk and its yours. ...2009.02.24 11:12:00
- My suggestion would be to camp them into a station, they seem to be unable to deal with this tactic ...2009.02.23 07:38:00
- "They don't have enough people to accomplish their goal."Its not so much "will we have enough people ...2009.02.23 07:34:00
- Pat you down with a paper towel to remove excess grease! ...2009.02.23 04:49:00
- Quality automobiles at a reasonable price! The savings at KIA are indeed awesome!!! ...2009.02.22 05:34:00
- Send me 200mil isk and I can get you into GoonFleet, its non stop action packed excitement over here ...2009.02.22 05:27:00

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