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- I'm having a lot of fun with the Rattlesnake I won in a free promo, thanks Somer and Blink Gang! ...2011.08.06 17:53:00
- Don't go AFK or use AP and then whine when you die. ...2011.07.23 05:05:00
- Edited by: Captain''s Courageous on 13/07/2011 03:37:20 Recently, the CSM has, in a publicized arti ...2011.07.23 05:02:00
- -1 I see no need to give botters another advantage. ...2011.07.22 20:03:00
- I agree, the guns on the battleships look way too small.I've also noticed that while looking at my m ...2011.07.22 15:20:00
- Clear Skies, I, II and III ...2011.07.22 00:53:00
- Since I don't do any PI, how will dust affect me? ...2011.07.19 09:24:00
- +1 to removal. corps in wh can mine almost 100% safe if they are doing it right. Its wrong end of. ...2011.07.19 08:59:00
- Nullsec and W-space just offer diffirent styles of risks and rewards. -Sov. gets invaded/taken, WH ...2011.07.19 05:19:00
- Is the Eve survival mish reports site down for good? I haven't been able to get on it for a while no ...2011.07.18 06:46:00
- I've been playing Somer's various games for over a year now and have had a lot of fun and have won s ...2011.07.17 06:12:00
- It's fun to blow them up. If you find one and it bothers you, war dec the corp that owns it, grab so ...2011.07.10 04:58:00
- It's already been pointed out that if you had fitted your ship correctly, and perhaps read the missi ...2011.07.10 04:47:00
- I fail to see your logic. IF someone is AFK cloaked, (and you really don't know that they are indeed ...2011.07.01 20:55:00
- In your other thread you suggest being able to buy skill points, I think your ideas may help new pla ...2011.07.01 20:45:00

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