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- Story time."But little frog, I can swim." ...2011.02.13 08:22:00
- And still no word from CCP on this.....why? Because you're posting the question on Christmas day, w ...2010.12.29 02:41:00
- Attempting the SisiLauncher.exe from this link to see if that works. Will update with results.I'm on ...2010.12.22 05:05:00
- Oops, yeah sorry I guess I should try stuff before running my mouth off.NP, it happens to us all. We ...2010.12.21 20:07:00
- Edited by: Inara Subaka on 21/12/2010 19:56:46 Thank you for once again linking the autopatcher .ex ...2010.12.21 19:42:00
- Just trying to patch SiSi (autopatcher failed multiple times) using a manual patch.... but it doesn' ...2010.12.20 03:45:00
- Edited by: Sabbott on 09/10/2010 11:20:07 If a Federation Agency would like to collect this individ ...2010.10.10 06:11:00
- Support acknowledged. ...2010.05.13 21:18:00
- First off, being immune to bubbles is powerful enough (but something that can be worked around), if ...2010.02.17 23:37:00
- If Kansas city were jita, then i live in perimeter, Good ol Overland Park.Have a friend that recentl ...2010.02.17 23:04:00
- /signedThough, I'd prefer if it worked both directions as well (aka, were able to make other "passen ...2010.01.04 02:08:00
- Rattlesnake: Slot layout: 6 high, 7 med, 6 low slots, 4 launchers, no turrets Fittings: 710 CPU, ...2009.12.01 14:33:00
- Since we're going off topic of the CNR... there's a saying that's been around for a while now that y ...2009.11.30 21:24:00
- So I fail to see why Miss Constantine keeps regurgitating this stale and pointless comment, which se ...2009.11.30 11:09:00
- Merdaneth is casting a net to capture the low-hanging fruit here. Anyone caught up in this scheme is ...2009.11.29 04:06:00

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