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- It will allow them, at the very least, to load the proper number of grids in a system instead of add ...2010.04.14 06:12:00
- When you log out in space, the grid you log out in stays in the database. When something is dropped ...2010.04.13 22:54:00
- 1) you guys explained in SiSi why 5k safespots were causing lag(for thoes who dont know if you log o ...2010.04.13 22:49:00
- Edited by: Kerfira on 13/04/2010 16:09:43 The real reason for this change could be that the databas ...2010.04.13 16:22:00
- On top of this, in Tyrannis we're (hopefully!) removing the last of the various bugs that allow deep ...2010.04.12 22:39:00
- YES OR NO: Due to the increased risk and logistics effort required, 0.0 should be more - not as - pr ...2009.11.09 05:53:00
- Edited by: Rickete on 31/10/2009 02:22:37Like, absurdly multi max capacitor warp distance safespots. ...2009.11.03 04:56:00
- look at all the bitter vets in this thread. To hell with all of you. Making the game accessable to ...2009.10.19 04:40:00
- On another issue... has the disband button already been fixed?It was never broken in the first place ...2009.10.09 08:04:00
- Edited by: ElanMorin6 on 09/10/2009 04:50:41 The one thing that I'm curious about is why Goonswarm ...2009.10.09 04:44:00
- What happened to the sandbox? Neighboorhood cats had been using it as a litterbox, so your sand is ...2009.09.19 18:03:00
- Someone go pinch Seleene so he wakes up and realizes that it's no longer 2005. ...2009.09.16 01:17:00
- A gate based system, eh?I can't wait to see what happens when the largest alliances start conquoring ...2009.09.09 06:54:00
- Again it will help entrenched players with freighter alts and damage new players.People like Kazuo u ...2009.08.26 01:47:00
- I personally believe that when CCP created jump clones and set it to a 24 hour cooldown, they wernt ...2009.08.25 07:08:00

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