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- Oh fudge. ...2011.06.24 11:03:00
- Hello, Looking to buy either 5 'Augmented' Warriors. OR, a BPC of 'Augmented' Warrior. Preferabl ...2010.08.07 06:01:00
- I assumed it was bogon filtering because I was on the 121 IP range. Also accessing it from a machin ...2010.08.05 02:09:00
- Hello, Currently on the 121 IP range, anyone here from Australia (particularly Internode users) on ...2010.08.04 13:21:00
- Obelisk in Tenal - located in V7-MID station. For sale for 700M. Will private contract.Send me a me ...2010.05.15 04:54:00
- Tranfer initiated to the account name you sent me in the eve-mail. You will be able to play on the ...2010.04.23 06:09:00
- Hello, If you're like me you have a lot of people in your buddy list. Unfortunately some of those ...2010.02.02 12:08:00
- Edited by: Astaria Pyreto on 25/10/2009 01:22:56 Are you willing to sell just the tower? If so how ...2009.10.25 01:22:00
- doesnt make sense then, As i can change it to like extremely low in Fullscreen, but not windowed mod ...2009.10.22 12:06:00
- Arkonor, Bistot, Mercoxit/Crokite.If people stopped mining Merco, Morphite prices will rise...It's s ...2009.10.22 11:03:00
- That's probably all your graphics card / monitor (or tv) supports. ...2009.10.22 04:24:00
- Edited by: Astaria Pyreto on 22/10/2009 03:10:39 Hi, I'm on WIN7 and running multiple clients. Th ...2009.10.22 03:10:00
- I read on some statistics, and it says the oldest EVE player is 76 years old. Interestin ...2009.10.21 11:41:00
- Worthwhile noting that unless you are in high-sec without wars, the freighter will be useless. If yo ...2009.10.19 09:32:00
- I'm guessing there will be an extended downtime soon, I mean doing maintenance on a huge cluster cou ...2009.10.18 11:22:00

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