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- I guess you guys have forgotten what server boot is like from a patch. Sometimes Q&A can give the "g ...2009.08.20 17:52:00
- Really guys, this could have been an entry in the patch notes.- nerf nerf nerf - added join corp bu ...2009.08.03 15:11:00
- L.I.P (live in peace) Dark Shikari ...2009.07.25 04:14:00
- I loved the old escrow resell mini game tbh, I have fond memories of it and miss it quite a bit stil ...2009.07.17 05:51:00
- This is an obvious plot by the Icelandic Elite to take over Europe and later the world by means of i ...2009.07.16 15:15:00
- If you are willing to sell your soul, then maybe banker is a good job I heard they have pretty good ...2009.07.13 00:25:00
- Edited by: Sirial Soulfly on 12/07/2009 18:16:52 I wonder if those guys know by now that their comm ...2009.07.12 18:16:00
- Winter 2009 : * we are sorry, Ambulation is not ready yet, but here's more teaser videos * we had ...2009.07.01 17:24:00
- Typical case of don't scam the hand that feeds you methinks. ...2009.06.29 20:34:00
- It might not suck, if it were only released before the end of the world. ...2009.06.08 13:52:00
- HUrgl, pewpew gud, walky bad.hh. ...2009.06.05 21:17:00
- Once when lvl 4 mission were relatively new, there were missions that would spawn 50km away from a g ...2009.06.01 17:44:00
- Rig scaling is going to be great, I would hope that frig sized rigs will not cost more than around a ...2009.06.01 09:18:00
- Scuba Steve's Space Boat Service. ...2009.05.29 21:28:00
- How about, we remove bounties from missions rats, and then just give everybody who does lvl 4 missio ...2009.05.28 13:27:00

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